When must we be ready?

Your bridge project is now fully laid out. Your vision of a bright new future has been translated into tangible terms. Next, you have to figure out what your change means for your people. You need to know how everyone will be affected, from the boardroom down to the engine room.

Will you be able to convince everyone to join you in building and using your bridge? Are you clear on the speed at which the changes need to be adopted and how much change people can absorb? Will anyone need to learn new skills? Will they be required to change their habits, and will you be there to show them the way?

It’s important that you start preparing everyone for the change as soon as possible in order to avoid delays in adoption. Make sure you have a good understanding of the impact the transformation will have on each individual. Communicate clearly, and have instructions ready. Also ensure that you have enough time for testing, feedback and adjustment and that real users test your bridge, not just the construction workers. Candid feedback is vital.