How should we motivate people?

You are listening, learning and adapting to the needs of your new bridge community. Despite all of this effort, you still need to work to prevent individuals from disengaging and to motivate them so that they embrace the change that your project will bring about.

Self-motivated innovators and early adopters might be on board, but they represent only a fraction (16 percent) of those impacted by the change. Your focus needs to shift to the early majority and how to get them on board.

Motivate people by offering incentives (see step 10). Boost this further by enforcing transparency, which will help you gain more trust, and demonstrating progress through tangible actions.

Make sure you have all the necessary resources (see step 11) in place for the next stage. You need to provide people with information that will help them identify and actively remove obstacles. This is how you will grow your bridge-building coalition from a guiding few to a driving many. Your chance to gain traction with the early and late majority of adopters needs to be secured now. There is a limited window of opportunity to get them on board.