When Knoster described the components for managing People's Emotion through change in the model below, it was a simple, and powerful tool to connect the symptoms with the components of change.


Although wonderfully capturing the emotional stage of the change process, it is not enough to execute the change successfully. Each of the components need to be accompanied by its operational counter parts.


Why do you need both? Because, having:

  • Vision without a Strategy is like staring at your destination without having a clue how to get there.
  • Skills without Structured deployment create groups of smart people without the ability to generate meaningful impact
  • Incentives without assigned Responsibility create competition for the easiest and most visible tasks
  • Resources without known Capacity create clusters of focus, and gaps in coverage, so you will not reach your final objectives.
  • Action Plan without measurable Execution is like planning your life without living it.

What have we learnt?

Pay attention to the Structure and connections beyond the organization (self organized and spontaneous efforts have merit in small and intimate environments but limited impact beyond it). Focus on Responsibility and Capacity - they are your best bets. They are part of the core that many tend to ignore.

But don't forget that everything always starts with People!