We love the simple explanation of perception vs. reality of success 

Ask yourself - How Big is your “Tangle” and how much money does it cost you?

Most startups and small businesses are preoccupied with developing new products, searching for new markets and building businesses to pursue success. But let's face it, there are very few who believe that success means to operate the company to it's maximum efficiency as well. The initial stage is usually about the growth, not efficiency. The organic growth and enthusiasm are usually enough to get things done, and operating the company is simply the second priority until something goes wrong. It is the invisible wall most companies run into at some point as they grow and evolve. Once they hit the wall, it starts costing serious money and it might be too late to correct things. In the coming series of blogs, we'll explore this topic deeper and will discuss the options companies have to address this challenge smoothly from the very early stages. But first things first, let's start  introducing  the root causes of reality...