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do we execute according to the action plan?

The time has finally come for you to start showing real impact! Put your scope, schedule and resources to work, and set about finalizing your bridge execution plan. Prepare people to start using it. Get organized, and plan the sequence of work and its timing. Once you have a thorough action plan, you can start executing properly.

Don’t forget the adoption activities from way back at the start of your Idea-to-Impact journey though. Things will go a lot smoother if you run them hand in hand with your execution activities.

There will be some surprises along the way, for sure, but you are now prepared and ready to tackle them. You have mastered the change and transformation Daily-Needed-Aaction framework, and you know which method to deploy, when to deploy it and why.

Make sure you don’t overcomplicate your governance. Change is now a new way of life, not a one-off thing. You need to run and navigate it like traffic.

Your teams are now capable of tackling multiple changes at the same time. All you need to do is understand their business impact, engage the right people, and drive them to succeed in the new markets your bridge takes them to.